Friday, June 8, 2012


Dr, Mercola answers a question from a reader, and his answer will surprise you. This may be improtant to you if you are trying to stop smoking:

Friday, March 9, 2012


If you have never visited a psychiatrist of psychologist, do not do so.

If you have, you need to watch this video to learn how to escape from the shrinks and the drugs they gave you.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Ordinarily I have very little sympathy for Monsanto and Pfizer. Pfizer, business ethics are morbid. They were testing Viagra long ago for blood pressure issues. They discovered from the trials that men were seeing erectile dysfunction go away. Viagra failed miserably as a blood pressure drug, so it should have been worth no more than a nickel. When they found that they had stumbled onto an ED solution, they at once marketed the drug for extortionist prices. Never get the impression that care for patients is their deep motive. They are classic money grubbers, and there are many tales of their issuing drugs onto the market that were not tested well, with the result that people were maimed and killed.

So, if you see my opinion of Pfizer, you will understand that the following is more serious than my opinion.

Counterfeit  drugs are being smuggled into the USA by the tons. The most deadly method is via Canadian pharmacies which are businesses alright, but they handle a mix of real and deadly fake drugs. Crossing the border into Mexico for cheap prescription drugs is a valid choice, but, like the online Canadian and other sources, it is very hard to know if the Mexican government is on top of their market place.

I have purchased drugs in Mexico for blood pressure etc. They worked. But, I now wonder if this is safe. You should visit a doctor on the Mexican side who has a high recommendation of Mexican friends or colleagues. Ask him which Mexican brands and pharmacies are safe. The price is often as much as 80% cheaper than the US variety, and it is made by a subsidiarity of Big Pharma in Mexico. These valid drugs show us clearly what extortionist prices we pay for the "real thing." Again, Big Pharma are highway robbers, but their product is as pure as prescription drugs get. Safe is not the only issue though. Are there benign alternatives that God made? 

The rule is, if you want meds from any nation outside the USA, get them IN that nation from people who will go to jail if the sell you counterfeits. Get a prescription from your doctor BEFORE going to that nation to buy the drugs. A prescription from a Mexican doctor was accepted by the US Customs and Immigration people that last I knew. But, find a well established doctor in a real clinic, not that alleged "doctor" sitting at a table in the back of the pharmacy in El Paso.

Here is a video. It is a bit dramatic, but the message is fact, and the consequences are deadly. The main feature is Viagra because it is a non-essential drug, meaning that it is not needed for normal health of therapy-- it is elective, and it is expensive. The demand is tremendous for obvious reasons. If Pfizer were really concerned for the health of Americans they could dry up this trade overnight simply by seriously dropping the price for Viagra. The market would never go away. They will make money for many years.


The other videos offered at that site above may help to better understand the issues.

There are many other drugs counterfeited other than Viagra. Also, there are imported copies, often under another name, which are chemically the same. But, the further you get from the parent company, the more chance the drug is fake, or at least less potent, or may not absorb correctly. You will not rise to the occasion if the sub-standard Viagra does not dissolve. 

There are some issues that cannot be dealt with by alternative treatment or nutrition which we recommend. My wife and I had a very potent strain of Malaria in Ethiopia when we lived there. Without Big Pharma drugs, we would have either died or been left with brain damage. Some of my detractors will tell you the latter actually DID happen. I will leave that for you to decide :-)

In any case, do not pop any drug, even over the counter, that cannot be backed up by someone who is liable for prosecution of losing their license to practice if they sell you rubbish. Your pharmacist is really the most qualified to do this. Even many doctors will tell you that the pharmacist is under the most threat to prevent errors in dispensing drugs. A good pharmacist will also tell you if there are other alternatives to the drug you take. Back to the doctor though to get the final verdict.

As to Viagra, there are herbal options that work as well, but they take time to work, and they may still have side effects. They are less costly, and Big Pharma will never admit they are there. Google for sites with a good reputation to do research for ED herbs at sites, like Dr. Mercola and Dr. Shahalian. The other rule with ED drugs is to get the best results you can from herbs, and then add a limited dose of Viagra. Run your choices by a licensed Pharmacist before you venture into this. They have a massive data base that tells them all the safe combinations. Unproven experimentation can result in serious issues with your member, or it can leave you permanently unable to perform at all.

One of the best ways to avoid ED is to stay out of bed with anyone but your wife, as Solomon suggested long ago:

Proverbs 5:18 Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.19 Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.

When a politician asks me to trust him to run the USA, yet he is on his third wife, one of which he drove away from him by asking her to share his with other women, BAH. I would vote for a yeller dog before I would vote for such a womanizer. We were grossed out by Slick Willy making a whore house out of the Oval Office-- why ask for it again?

Yes, I am talking about The Newter, which is perhaps a misnomer par excellance.

I suspect the US Congress and Senate help greatly to keep Pfizer's bottom well into the black.

LINK: Here is a site that you cannot possibly tell if it is safe. This is typical.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


When pain is an issue, IF it is not caused by joint deterioration, deep tissue message is in order. It is famous with athletes, but seniors who have developed a problem in muscles because of favoring a leg, or overdoing some activity, can also benefit.

Me wife bought a small trampolene to try to loosen up joints and move toxins out of joints. The idea is great, but she overdid it some. The result was that old pain went away, and new leg pain in muscles developed. This message is what I am using to try to loosen up contracted muscles.

Do not go so far that pain is felt. This means starting with a very light pressure. Increase it over time at the rate the pain recedes. Keep walking. Keep your head up. Use a walking or hiding stick so you are not frightened of looking down. If you walk on the farm, like we do, beware of looking down all the time to not step in chicken manure. Have a pair of shoes you can leave at the door so you don't dread the de-manuring routine.

Walk tall, do not favor one leg, which means walk slow to minimize pain.

Here is deep tissue massage.
Find more body areas to deal with in the menu at the lower right of the page:

Monday, February 20, 2012


agriculture,corn,cornfields,crops,farming,farms,fields,footpaths,paths,pathways,photographs,plantsHere is an article at my journal online about pharmaceutical and chemical companies and their worldwide program to engineer a holocaust far more deadly than that of Adolph Hitler.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


According the the CDC salt causes high blood pressure, which causes heart failure.


According to one of the clinical doctors (MS) we subscribe to, a doctor who does his own research of research findings worldwide, there have been around 17,000 research projects trying to link salt intake to heart disease. One, and only one, research found a connection, and that one reported that too LITTLE salt would cause arrhythmia issues.

The body NEEDS salt, and many people with heart rate issues are really suffering from too little sodium. That is a no brainer, for electrolytes are needed for the electrical impulses to flow normally in the body. 

Here is what I would do if I had arrhythmia issues, or rapid heart rate etc. I would try adding salt, magnesium, and potassium to my supplements. If the heart issues decrease or go away, I would ignore my doctor, and learn by experiment how much I need to add.

As a matter of fact, that is exactly what I have had to do all the time. If I go to bed, and I have an antsy feeling and my heart is skipping beats, I get up, pour a glass of orange juice, add about a third of a teaspoon of both salt and sodium bicarbonate to the orange juice, and sip it over about fifteen minutes. It is only a very short time before I am feeling fine, and my heart is beating normally.

Research has shown that Americans are almost all low on salt. The extra salt in food in the market place is no real danger at all. Add some iodine supplement (Lugol's Solution) also-- about 80% of all Americans are low in iodine. Two drops a day of orally prepared iodine is about right.

All doctors still tell patients to reduce their salt, even if they are normal on sodium. It is one of those magic little nanny moments doctors seem to feel justify their existence. It is, in fact, a crock. One is tempted to believe that the medical schools, most of which hire doctors on pay or gratuity from Big Pharma, WANT you low on salt to the Big Pharma will have another customer.

If this shocks you, that is, about salt, simply to to Google and search for discussions of salt intake.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This is a personal account from someone who escaped mercury poisoning and terrible medical treatment by using EDTA suppositories.

This is the page at that site describing EDTA in detail.

If you want to really get a health high, add Rodiola, as the Russians do:

So, get a rush by avoiding the shills for Big Pharma and use the pharmacopia that God gave you.