Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I got this from Dr. William Campbell Douglas II

Duke study PROVES you never need the flu vaccine again

I was an old school, "tough love" dad. When my kids came to me with some silly worry about a boogeyman under the bed, I had a simple rule.

I'd tell them to get off their duffs and check it out for themselves. Because no matter who's trying to terrify you... whether it's some mythical creature or our very own government... there's just no substitute for doing your own research.

And odds are, you'll discover there's nothing to be afraid of at all.

Case in point, when the media pounced like a pack of wild dogs on a recent study from the Duke University Medical Center that claimed 90% of flu patients in their Intensive Care Unit this season were folks who had skipped the flu shot.

The brainwashed flu vaccine cheerleaders would have you believe that by exercising your right to refuse the government's dangerous vaccination program, you're causing your chance of ending up in the one hospital department that keeps the funeral home on speed dial to skyrocket by 900%.

Frankly, that seemed a little fishy to me. So that's when I got off my duff and checked this one out for myself. And you know what? I didn't discover a boogeyman, but I did come across the ONE NUMBER these mainstream stooges would move heaven and earth to keep you from hearing.

If you live in the area served by DUMC, you have a two one-thousandths of a percent chance of ending up in the ICU with flu -- whether you got the vaccine or not! Heck, you practically have a better chance of falling out of an airplane!

DUMC is North Carolina's largest hospital, serving a market of one million people. And the Duke ICU wasn't exactly overrun with flu patients -- they've seen just 22 of them all season. In about a third of the cases used in the study, the patients' primary care physicians disputed whether they ever even had the flu at all!

But let me tell you when I REALLY knew the fix was in. A government website (sponsored by your tax dollars of course) reported on the Duke study and interviewed a doctor from Quinnipiac University who made the outrageous claim that the flu was killing 35,000 people a year.

Baloney! Our government's own statistics claim the flu is killing 3,500 (or fewer) people, not 35,000. And I have a hard time believing the good doctor forgot where to place the decimal.

The feds understand that if you knew the truth about flu and the worthless vaccine that's supposed to protect us from it, you'd never line up for a shot again. But it's time to tune out Uncle Sam's fear campaign, because when it comes to the flu, there's no boogeyman in the closet. It's just a government bureaucrat with a syringe. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

World's largest drug companies
investigated for Alzheimer's fraud

World's largest drug companies investigated for Alzheimer's fraud

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

There are two sets of pockets you should never look inside -- a five-year-old boy's and a drug company's. In one you might find a toad, and in the other you might find a corrupt medical researcher.

And they're both pretty disgusting to me.

Japan's Health Ministry fired the shot heard round the world recently when it announced it was investigating several of the world's largest drug companies after accusations of falsifying data in a government-funded study on Alzheimer's disease.

The list of accused cheaters reads like a "Who's Who In Big Pharma." Eleven drug firms in all, including Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Takeda Pharmaceutical, and Astellas Pharma will now undergo the Japanese equivalent of a full rectal exam after a Tokyo professor accused them of fudging numbers to help advance drug company interests.

Shocking, huh?

Japan ponied up $28 million in taxpayer cash for the research, which was supposed to improve Alzheimer's treatment and diagnosis. They even let some drug company scientists in on the study -- and that's when things seemed to fall apart. Because instead of working on behalf of the Japanese taxpayers, as they were supposed to do, it seems all these scientists cared about was making their employers more cash.

All it took was one brave whistleblower to come forward, and the whole house of cards came crumbling down. And if what he's saying is true, this could be one of the greatest instances of research fraud ever to be exposed in Big Pharma's long and filthy history.

You see, this supposed fraud wasn't being carried about by some poor, misguided soul looking to score brownie points with his drug company boss. According to a special report in one of Japan's largest newspapers, there were AT LEAST four separate instances of researchers linked to drug companies and medical institutions trying to falsify data.

This looks systematic and organized. And, sadly, it's not surprising at all.

Let's face it -- this isn't exactly the first time Big Pharma has been accused of cooking the books. And how many times have they brought a drug to market based on safety data that turned out to be wishful thinking at best -- and fraud at worst?

The Japanese don't take shame sitting down, so if any drug company execs are thinking about committing hara-kiri, now would be the time. And I think I speak for billions of victimized patients and taxpayers everywhere when I say they won't be missed.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Watch this a couple of times to embed it in your mind. It may make a great difference for someone.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


What a priceless moment for the lady who hears for the first time. But, imagine the people who developed the program and mastered the technology..... What a great feeling some geek must feel when he sees his work produce such happiness.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This is not an endorsement of anything Alex Jones does, but these two videos are must viewing to be informed of the war you have with criminal medical practices and attacks on your health.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Dr, Mercola answers a question from a reader, and his answer will surprise you. This may be improtant to you if you are trying to stop smoking: